Craving Proteins!

Oh how our bodies crave. The science behind it all is very fascinating. Last year I taught my 7th graders the ins and out of processed sugar and how its more addictive to the brain that cocaine. Don’t believe me? Here:

I’ve gotten back into my workout regime, a completely revamped regime. After multiple conversations with friends, I decided to leave Planet Fitness and join my local YMCA. What a positive change! Instead of driving out of the city to run on the elliptical and mindlessly use machines, dreading every minute of it but still forcing myself, now I am eagerly awaiting the next day to get to work out! I started taking Pilates and Body Pump classes and this week I will be using the fitness center as well for cardio and FitLinxx. The best part of it all is that my local Y is right around the corner from my school!

With very sore muscles from body pump yesterday, my mind is craving protein to repair and rebuild those muscles. Eating a small portion of protein before and after your workout will infuse your blood with these necessary amino acids for your muscle growth. Proteins also help to build enzymes important for your body to gain endurance during cardio.

So, my recipes for this week include turkey bacon, eggs, and greens – all stocked full of great amino acids!

Pilates is in the morning before work, so I’ve been scrambling eggs with some veggies and packing it up for breakfast once I get to work. It’s worked out well, but it’s taken me at least 5 extra minutes in the morning. With waking up earlier than normal to get to the gym on time, these 5 minutes of sleep are so needed!

My wonderful creative mind went to work and I thought of these– Quiche muffins!

Protein Packed Quiche Muffins (…without the dairy and crust)

*I roasted some veggies with cubed turkey bacon: broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, onion, portobello mushroom and garlic. Then I put this mixture into muffin tins…


Look at all those powerful green veggies!

*Then I scrambled 10 eggs with 3/4 cup of almond milk and some dried herbs and black pepper. In this went to each muffin cup…


*I baked these at 350 for about 20 minutes and bam!…

IMG_5163 IMG_5164

I can’t wait to have one of these after Pilates tomorrow morning!!

Then for lunches/dinners I’ll do salads made with kale & romaine lettuce. Most likely greek styled with tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives because I’m addicted to greek salads. And then I’ll have this warm salad… I’ve made this recipe plenty of times before, but it’s been awhile.

Warm Sweet Potato Avocado Salad

*I cubed and roasted one large sweet potato at 375 for about 15 minutes. Then I added some broccoli, kale & brussel sprouts along with cubed turkey bacon and continued to roast for another 15-20 minutes. As soon as I took the veggies out of the oven I topped them with black pepper, one avocado cubed, and a large handful of chopped fresh cilantro.


The fresh cilantro in this dish creates this punch of flavor every bite you take! Adding it when the vegetables are still hot also helps some of the oils infuse the vegetables, really giving it a powerful flavor.

This week I start cardio…

Spring is on it’s way and that means I need to buy my bicycle soon. If you have any suggestions for commuter bicycles, let me know!

Happy Eating!


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