When seasons change

This weekend has really signified summer for me. Last weekend’s weather was beautiful but I didn’t fully enjoy it because I was running around like crazy with my mom (loving every minute of it). But these past few days — I’ve felt like summer. I’ve been completely relaxed and joyous to be outside in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air and sent of fresh flowers.

Friday night I had a friend over and grilled some veggies and chicken sausage for dinner. With full bellies we walked down to Hedonist for some ice cream to top off a wonderful, relaxing evening after a kind of hectic week at school for both of us. We talked about our APPR woahs and our vacation plans for the first week after school ends where we will drive to Nashville and then to Virgina beach visiting friends and family, camping and hiking, and of course enjoying tourist things like the Opry and the boardwalk on the beach for the 4th of July.

Saturday – up at 8am, public market at 9am, gym by 10am, then errands (furniture shopping – which was not successful, still…) and back home to ride my bike to the local park and meet up with some friends to lay in the sun and enjoy some light reading. From there – what else? Mexican. To our favorite Mexican place (same one I took my mom to last weekend) for some margaritas and good food we went!

Sunday – up at 8am, gym by 9am, back home for the rest of the day DIY-ing, cooking, and laying in the sun in my backyard reading my new book (borrowed from a friend)… “White Like Me” by Tim Wise. I’m two chapters in and I sincerely and forcefully recommend every person I know to read this book. It reminds me of the conceptual change work I did in my Race, Class, Gender course in my Master’s program. A great read, for sure!

photo 2

Summer. It’s here. My routine this weekend of up early to workout and spending all afternoon relaxing outside and then nights with friends – yes, summer. It’s here.

Food for this week – two different salads to put on top of fresh salad greens from my garden (I’ve waited years to say that)!

First, fiesta quinoa salad. 

I followed this recipe except for the lime  – I didn’t have any so I used lemon instead, which was absolutely fine.

photo 1

photo 5

Tonight I ate this with some salmon 🙂

photo 2-1photo 1-1

Second, Mediterranean chickpea salad.

I followed this recipe for the most part. I didn’t have an parsley. I obviously didn’t use normal yogurt – I used coconut milk yogurt 🙂 Also I added some quinoa and grilled eggplant to up the protein content. With the combination of chickpeas, eggplant and quinoa this is loaded with great protein that should keep me full until my light snack at the end of the school day before the gym.

photo 3photo 4

For the week’s dinners… I have bok choy and mushrooms — which I’m really excited about because I feel like I haven’t had bok choy in weeks. I also have more eggplant, zucchinis, and portobello mushrooms for grilling.




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