And we’re off!

Later today my boyfriend and I are leaving for spring break! I can hear the waves crashing up on the beach. Florida here we come! I wanted to post really quickly before leaving – how does a nutritarian travel? Well, its vacation and I’ve worked really hard at the gym and with my eating for this trip, so I am not going to push myself to be 100% nutritarian, because that would be super stressful eating out every day. So, I’ve made some snacks to pack that we’re packing and I have a grocery list for whole foods once we get there. Oh, whole foods! Gleaming!!

Here’s what I made for traveling snacks —

Banana Peanut Butter granola bars – typical recipe for this. I did two bananas, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 2 tbs raw honey, 1/2 cup of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts) and 1 cup of whole grain oats. Mixed all up, spread out onto 9X13 pan and pre-cut with knife, baked for 10 minutes on 375, cooled and wrapped in foil and plastic bag for safe traveling.

IMG_1914 IMG_1915

Then my wonderful mom made cinnamon raisin granola bars and trail mix full of my favorite sesame sticks, whole wheat pretzels and other delights from the local Amish farmer’s market back at home.

IMG_1928 IMG_1927

Food to eat before leaving —

Last morning at home cooking breakfast, I had to do one of my quick favorites before heading to the gym this morning. Sweet potato – cooked in microwave, peeled and slices into rounds then fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil till crispy brown on the two sides. Then 2 farm fresh eggs thrown in and topped with too much fresh cracked black pepper šŸ™‚ Rest of gigantic baked sweet potato – in a baggies for snack while on plane!


For lunch later – a roasted beets and sauteed fennel and fig salad. Roasted beets in oven with black pepper, cooled, peeled and sliced. Fennel was browned in coconut oil in pan on medium heat – sauteeing fennel brings out its sugars and turns this licorice raw vegetable into a sweet delectable topper for salads, or addition to any dish really. At the very end of sauteeing the fennel I threw in some dried figs. Put all of this over top of organic spring mix and topped with goat cheese — to die for.


When we get to Florida, I’ll buy some Vega One protein shake powder, almond milk, fresh veggies and fruit, and whole grain oats for breakfasts. For lunch and dinners – trust that I have researched vegan and vegetarian restaurants near by and have a huge list that I’m so eager to try!

Won’t be back until next Monday so no post next week — enjoy your spring break teachers! šŸ™‚


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