Week Two and already behind…

Such is life, right? Last week at school was so crazy busy with the Mike Moss skype that I couldn’t think about school or anything for that matter this weekend. I was drained beyond belief, and mostly because of my own stress that I carry around for no reason. Momma every call you a drama queen? Cause mine sure did, and still does. I have the nutrition part down, I really need to focus on the well-being. How does one take care of themselves when they have 83 preteens to take care of? It’s a question that I’m not sure I’ll be able to answer with confidence for quite some time. My work w ife (who was upset I didn’t shout out to her in my initial blogging last week, so shout out to you my dear!) joked with me last week that I will never have a night where I don’t bring my laptop home and work on school work. I wishfully think that after 3 or 4 years that I will, so here’s to that!

So anyways, I did my usually cooking Sunday and Monday – thank you MLK for your inspirational advocacy for all Americans. I wish there were more people like you today working just as fiercely. Sunday I roasted a huge pan of vegetables with rosemary and sage (I always burst out singing Simon and Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair when I use those spices…. “she once was a true love of mine. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeeeeeee!” – Oh the ballads we sang in high school choir and the memories I have). Anyways, I love roasted a pan of vegetables for the week because it easy and then I have them to eat over rice, salad greens, add to vegetable broth, or really whatever I feel like. Simple – cut vegetables, tiny bit of olive oil, spices & bake- stirring every so often at 375-400 degrees. This week I had parsnips, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, brussel sprouts and asparagus – with (“parsley…”) sage and rosemary (“and thyme…..”). Today at lunch I ate them on salad greens (no dressing of course because I’m weird like that) and one of my students who was in my room for lunch asked me how I eat that. Another sarcastically replied, by chewing with your teeth and swallowing. Oh the joy of seventh grade.

photo 4-3 photo 3-3

Then, after a long day at the university attempting to unit plan for Earth Science and enjoying a FAB lunch buffet at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant with my besties yesterday – full of stewed beets and carrots, lentils dahl (basic recipe here), and injera (yum! gluten free fermented bread) – I went home and  made my favorite citrus sesame ginger kale salad – shout out to my work wife AGAIN for finding this amazing recipe on wegmans.com. I didn’t follow the recipe precisely because I am my mother’s daughter and physically cannot follow a recipe line by line, measurement by measurement. But mainly because I did not have some of the ingredients in my apartment. I used fresh lime juice instead of orange juice and regular kale – but when my wifey makes it with the baby kale its always the best so I would recommend it.

photo 1-3 photo 2-3

That just wasn’t enough for this post so I made an oldie but goodie tonight for dinner – Asian sauteed vegetable slaw. It’s the easiest and quickest dinner when you’re in the mood for some soy sauce (or in my case, Braggs aminos) and veggies. Start by sauteing onions, garlic, peppers, jalapeno pepper, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots in 1 tsp olive oil and some vegetable broth. I turn the pan up to a medium heat so that the vegetables brown and caramelize after they have been sauteed for about 10-15 minutes. Then I add in a full head of savoy cabbage that has been chopped (in the case of tonight, and you can do this whenever – I used a premade bag of coleslaw mix from the store), lower heat and cover – simmering until cabbage is tender. Add aminos liquid and other Asian sauces as you see fit until you’ve reached the desired taste & enjoy. Last shout out to my work wife for this blog – this one’s coming to you life tomorrow for lunch! 🙂

photo-1 photo 5-2

My students are skyping with Dr. Joel Fuhrman Thursday, in less than 48 hours, I may be freaking, just slightly. We worked on authentic and compelling questions they want to ask today and they nailed it – I know they will do amazing and make me proud as always. Check back this coming Sunday (promise it will be Sunday this time) to hear how it went! Until then, enjoy some spicy and warm vegetable stew or any of these recipes listed above with this polar vortex that doesn’t seem to be going away!


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